Welcome To Main Light House!

Are you worried that your old fashioned vehicle lights are not providing you with enough illumination as you travel down dark roads at night? If so, then you need to have top quality LED lights for cars that can provide you with enough illumination so that your roads are as clear as they are during daytime. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high end LED lights, LED light bars, mounts, pods and other accessories that you can install in your vehicles. Whether you are looking to install LED lights on your motorcycles, small or large cars, trucks or boats, we can present you with the best LED solutions that can in turn make sure that you journey is a safe one.

Each and every product that we have in store for you is tested for delivering the highest level of quality on all occasions. Our light bars can deliver you top notch services for 50,000 hours. We only use the latest cutting edge technology to design them and the products that we have to offer are in tune with the current requirements of the vehicle industry. So whether you are looking for LED solutions that can provide you illumination for long hours or only for a few hours, our products are definitely going to meet your requirements.

Why choose us?

- At Main Light House, we have always considered customer satisfaction our utmost priority and this has in turn made us the country’s leading producer of LED lights.
- Our products are not only used by the general customers but also by many leading business firms who often need to transfer their large scale goods from one place to another.

Over the years that we have been in this industry, we have gained a significant reputation with our industry standard products as well as our insistence on bringing our customers the best services in electric LED lights.